Important Info About
How To Call 911

The goal of our site is to educate the public about 911 emergency phone calls by posting real calls online so people know what to expect if they ever need to 911. We also showcase dozens of stupid and wacky 911 calls as examples of how people abuse the 911 system. It is estimated that 35% of all 911 calls are illegitimate (pranks, hangups, non-emergencies).

911 Call Title
All tied up
Bad joke
Big foot
Boochie ran away
Burger 911
Butterfly man
Dispatcher becomes teacher
Granny wants a beer
Help i'm stuck
Help my mouth
Homelss man wedding
I want my taco
Joe vs deer
Kill my cat
Pissed off granny
She sold my tv
The sheet chasers
Trapped in a bag
Wifes got mase
Yummy hair color
The red caddy
Need to go hospital
Operator #4
Tell me the Italian
411 Health official
Open the bottle
Cop 2000
Something in a bag
Listen to me, Rap!
Something's growing in my mouth
Stapling girl
What a jerk
My leg is itchy
Complaint about the fine
Laser beam
Option Encharge Place
Two men are chasing me
Help me do the Math
Here kitty kitty
411 v.s. 911
Drive to the hospital
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